About Makeup

Mug Shot was once going to be a makeup company that i had came up with but i relaize how much time and effort it was going to take me to set it up and it might come back im not exactly sure at this point. But decided to name my site Mug Shot Cosmetics and its still a name i plan to use. Makeup has been around for so many years its brought out creators to express there art to a whole new level. Whats your favorite thing of makeup? I collect tons and tons of make up i have over 50 plus palettes. Not only do they all get love i use atleast one palette every day. Its fun i love it and i enjoy it. Im not out selling drugs im at home collecting makeup palettes. Ive alway have lot make up ever since i was a teenager. I use to just wear black liner and i didn't know about colors. Sometimes i struggle wearing the liner due to tremors. But some how i still put it on. I find ways to do it. How ever makeup didnt get popular till in my 30s. I was addicted. Now i don't have every palette out there but i do have enough to drop some reviews for you and make up looks. I hope you have the same kind of love i enjoy is makeup and hope you will like this Review site <3.